Norwegian-American millionaire
destroyed by anonymous chatter

The Norwegian-American multi millionaire Erik Hvide claims that an anonymous Internet terrorist ruined his life.
Mr Hvide is now doing what he can to stop the anonymous chatter.

Erik Hvide inherited the shipping company 'Hvide Marin Co.' from his father, who established it in Fort Lauderdale in 1958.

The corporation has 2,500 employees and annual revenues of more than 3.6 billion kroner (approx. US$420 million).

Erik Hvide was born wealthy, and the corporation has prospered for many years with ships all over the world.

Change of luck
Last year, alas, the luck changed with red numbers below the bottom line. Stockholders fled the company, which barely avoided bankruptcy. As part of the restructuring Erik Hvide had to step down as Chairman of the board.

However, Mr Hvide himself claims that it is the anonymous chatter 'I Quiz' who has ruined his life and career, 'Miami Herald' reports.

According tt the Herald 'I Quiz' sent out messages, like:

- The days of ego cultivation and BMW driving are over.

Also the newspaper 'St. Petersburg Times' has written about the astonishing story.

Detailed knowledge
'I Quiz's messages, recognized by their poor English, are clearly showing that the sender has detailed knowledge of absolutely private information about his Norwegian-American enemy.

But Erik Hvide has made a counter attack. Through an article in The Wall Street Journal he learned about the lawyer Bruce Fischman, who specializes in law suits against anonymous chatters. On May 25 he got a court ruling giving the Internet portal 20 days to reveal the identity of 'I Quiz'.

Still no information
The same afternoon 'I Quiz' wrote:

- The Quiz did not have a good day in court.

The information still has not come from Yahoo, but Bruce Fischman expects them in a few days, 'VG' reports.

(First published: 06/25/2000)