Press Release

Miami, FL - On October 12th, the Third District Court of Appeals of Florida denied a petition for a writ of certiorari in the case of John Does vs. Erik Hvide, Case No. 3D00-169. The judicial panel, composed of Judges Robert L. Shevin, David M. Gersten and John G. Fletcher, decided for plaintiff Erik Hvide by unanimously concurring to deny the defendant's petition. The decision followed the September 20th oral arguments, presented by Bruce Fischman, of The Fischman Law Firm, P.A., Miami, Florida, for the plaintiff and Lyrissa Lidsky for the defense, on whether anonymous posters on Internet message boards are constitutionally entitled to protect their true identities from disclosure. The defense's arguments attempting to block disclosure of the defendants' identities failed to sway the appeals court, which dissolved Judge Eleanor Schocket's June 26th stay of her order to Yahoo! and AOL to release those identities pending the appellate court's ruling. Also see our website's 'What's New' section at www.fhdlaw.com/html/whats_new.htm for numerous articles covering the case prior to the appellate court decision.

We will be glad to provide you with a copy of the opinion and briefs, as well as a discussion of the oral arguments given by The Fischman Law Firm, P.A., if you so desire. All such requests should be directed to bruce@fhdlaw.com or to Bruce at (305) 576-5522.

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